Jon Tester loves his iPad


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I meant to post to this cute New York Times story last week, wherein U.S. Sen. Jon Tester is described like a kid in a candy store playing with his committee-sanctioned iPad.

The story itself focuses on a rarity in federal government: actual savings. In an effort to save money (and reams and reams of paper), the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, which includes Tester, has put all of its work on iPads.

The iPads allow the panel to save roughly $250 per month that they would have spent on printer toner, according to committee spokesman Matt McAlvanah. Instead of ordering paper every month, the committee has purchased paper once in the past half a year — meaning it has saved 25 boxes of paper.

Not everyone on the committee understands the gadgets. (Silly ol' senators.) But Tester does. In fact, he joked about wanting some games added to his.


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