Behind the scenes with Earth First!



How did activists end up dancing on a table in front of Gov. Brian Schweitzer? How much planning went into the recent Helena rally against Big Oil? Who exactly were those people?

Eugene Weekly's Camilla Mortensen spent the days before the spectacle at the Earth First! 2011 Round River Rendezvous, and followed the group to Montana's state Capitol. What's the connection for the Eugene Weekly?

The Rendezvous, aka the Rondy, took place in Montana but drew about 250 people from Oregon and across the U.S., and from as far away as Spain and Australia. The 20 or so Cascadians — activists from the Pacific Northwest bioregion — were a strong presence at the gathering. [Johannes] Pedersen [of Eugene] said the 2009 EF! Rondy in Oregon’s Elliot State Forest was “a clarion call for forest defenders to start being more active in the Northwest again.”

You can read Mortensen's full story, and see her photos, in EW's most recent feature story.

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