Chinese censorship delays alt weekly columnist's pot book



Add marijuana to the list of things China's government doesn't care for.

Seattle Weekly columnist Steve Elliott, who writes "Toke Signals", says the release of his new book, The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis, has been delayed because of censorship in China. Seattle Weekly reports:

China's totalitarian gatekeepers got wind of what the book was about and refused to allow the binding of the pages at the bindery that had been contracted to do so.

Elliott says his book, which "delves also into the political battlefield of cannabis-law reform," has been shipped to Hong Kong for binding, but Hong Kong's backed up. Why? China dislikes the Bible as much as pot.

Suzanne Schwalb, editor at Peter Pauper Press, tells Elliott that a certain other little black book deals with similar Chinese scrutiny.

Bibles are also considered in China to be "sensitive" material, and are treated similarly to [Elliott's] book—and there is a huge demand for printed Bibles, which must also be printed and bound in Hong Kong rather than mainland China.

"So the Good Book might be holding up your Little Black Book," Schwalb tells Elliott.

The new release date for Elliott's book is Sept. 15. E-books are available now.

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