Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry? (And other alternative news stories)



Here's our latest installment of the most notable stories from elsewhere in the alternative news media landscape.

1. Everyone's talking about Rick Perry. And, in some cases, his sex life. AAN reports that a Texas man purchased a full-page ad in the Austin Chronicle seeking stories "from strippers, hotties and/or 'gay people' who have had sexual relations with the Texas Governor and GOP presidential candidate." The ad comes from Richard Morrow, a Ron Paul supporter who heads the Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy, or CASH. Salon wrote more about it here.


2. More Perry. Speaking of the latest, greatest GOP presidential candidate (and the Austin Chronicle), the Texas paper has put together "The Perry Trap," which chronicles 15 years of reporting on the state governor. Highlights (or lowlights, as the case may be) include an article on how he's helped his biggest campaign donors (like Enron), how he worked to block hate crime legislation, and his record of rushing those on death row to execution. The Texas Observer also published a story titled, "Can Rick Perry Govern?" Dave Mann notes Perry "is a terrific campaigner but has accomplished little in office."

3. Porn, Piracy and BitTorrent. A bunch of papers ran the same story on how the film industry is fighting illegal downloads. I read it in L.A. Weekly last weekend, but it's also appeared in Seattle. Where you read it doesn't matter. I just recommend reading it. Here's the lead:

The bad news arrived in John Doe 2,057's mailbox in May. His wife unsealed a thick envelope from Comcast and read a carefully worded message explaining that a company called Imperial Enterprises, Inc. had filed a lawsuit against him in Washington, D.C., federal court. He stood accused of having illegally downloaded a copyrighted film five months earlier, at precisely 6:03 a.m. on the morning of January 27. The name of the Imperial Enterprises movie he purportedly purloined wasn't mentioned until four pages later. Though printed in tiny italic font in a court filing, it practically leapt off the page: Tokyo Cougar Creampies.

Yet when Mrs. Doe set eyes on that ignominious title, she couldn't help but crack a smile at the absurdity of the situation. Her husband is legally blind, with vision roughly 1/100th of that of a person with normal sight. He is physically incapable of watching any film, this particular porno included.

4. Welcome back to school. Or, you know, not. Creative Loafing in Atlanta wrote an editorial explaining why not everyone is cut out for college.

5. Timewaster alert. For reasons not immediately clear, the Boston Phoenix is looking to rank the Top 100 Britpop anthems of the 1990s, and you, dear reader, are the judge. Oasis is currently in second place with "Live Forever." You okay with that? Then have at it.

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