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Allow me to piggyback on the stirring conversation occurring in another part of the Indy website with two quick links to other pertinent pot happenings.

First, this fall's Burton K. Wheeler Conference is titled "Medical Marijuana in Montana: Thoughtful Questions, Responsible Answers," and registration is currently open. The conference takes play Sept. 19 and 20 in Helena, and promises:

... to bring those with various points of view together in a non-advocacy, non-partisan public forum. If you have solutions around the future of medical marijuana in Montana, this is your time to share them. All participants will have ample opportunity to speak.

Former U.S. Attorney William Mercer and former New Jersey Assemblyman Webster “Dan” Todd will be among the list of "diverse and engaging speakers."

The Wheeler Center has tackled some important topics the last couple years, including Montana media, education, energy, the "next" economy, and water rights. It's interesting that they've chosen to highlight medical marijuana next.

Registration closes Sept. 15. The cost is $35, but includes both breakfast and lunch.

Second, 4&20 blackbirds notes that, when it comes to IR 124, Missoula and Bozeman are slacking. Initiative Referendum 124 would put SB 423, the Montana Legislature's repeal of the state's old marijuana law, up for a vote. A judge has already issued a temporary injunction against parts of the law.

As it stands , Yellowstone County has collected the most signatures for IR 124. If you're looking to sign but don't know where to do it, look here.

Okay, that's all. Now back to your regularly scheduled commenting.

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