Enter the (Pov evaluation) matrix



Last night's Poverello Center location meeting resulted in many of the same questions and concerns, and few answers. At issue is whether the homeless shelter would best serve the community at an expanded version of its current downtown location, at the site of the old Trail's End bar along West Broadway, or at a different West Broadway spot. How similar are those three finalists?

A new "evaluation matrix" created by the Pov location working group shows that, by the numbers, they're basically the same. The downtown location is within four blocks of nearly 1,500 residents and 12 sex offenders; the West Broadway spots are close to 1,255 residents and either 9 sex offenders (Trails End) or 15 sex offenders. All are less than a mile, in general, from vital services, and less than a mile from emergency services.

You can enter the matrix by downloading this PDF: PovCriteriaMatrix.pdf

No other public meetings are scheduled, and the Pov has not announced a timeline for its final decision. Residents can still submit comments at the working group's website.

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