Maybe the Griz game streaker wanted a head start on the UM "Undie Run"



Hey, it's possible. Did you know that UM is hosting its first annual Undie Run on Sept. 14? For charity? As a clothing drive? It's true.

Anyway, in the unlikely event that you want to see the streaker from yesterday's Griz game, here's a video from the student section that shows, from a safe distance, the end of his naked dance. According to Chelsi Moy at the Missoulian, UM Executive Vice President Jim Foley has promised that, if the gentlemen is a UM student, he will be suspended or expelled for violating the student conduct code. He was already cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

If you'd like a closer look that's NSFW, feel free to go here.

If you'd like to see actual highlights of the comeback victory, here's the official reel from the Griz:

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