Missoula City Council candidates, in their own words




As I'm sure everyone reading this blog is well aware, it's the season for City Council elections. On Nov. 8, Missoula will choose among 15 candidates to fill seven of the council's 12 seats. You could educate yourself on the issues by attending a candidate forum, reading local newspapers (look for Indy endorsements in an upcoming issue) or, with these new videos, by clicking a few buttons from the comfort of your own computer.

MCAT invited each candidate "to spend ten minutes responding to 5 questions about why they were running and what they would do if elected." Those videos, like the one above featuring Ward 3 hopeful Alex Taft, are now popping up online.

MCAT's Joel Baird says all but three candidates agreed to interviews, and he's posting the videos in the order they were conducted. So far, Jason Wiener (Ward 1), Caitlin Copple (Ward 4), Taft (Ward 3), and Cynthia Wolken (Ward 2) are online. Later today he expects to post Mike O’Herron (Ward 5), Peggy Miller (Ward 6), and Pam Walzer (Ward 2). The others will be posted by Tuesday.

Baird says the candidates who declined interviews were Shane Stack (Ward 6), Sean D. Ives (Ward 3) and Adam Hertz (Ward 2).

We'll update when all 12 are uploaded. In the meantime, you can check out the current videos on Vimeo.

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