Tonight at Caras Park should be a ball ... er, breast



Let's just say "fun." It's Breasty Festy 2: Revenge of the Mammaries, a star-studded event that shouldn't be confused with the similarly titled, locally based, but much different Testy Festy. No, this one supports the fight against breast and cervical cancer, and it starts at 5 p.m. in Caras Park.

Here's a few of the things happening and people performing:

- JK Simmons, the famous actor and UM alum. You've seen him in Spiderman, Juno, a million other things, and those Farmers Insurance commercials.

- A bunch of other artistically inclined UM alumni, including singer-songwriter Neal Lewing, local theater vets Andy Myers and Jamie Parnell, The Montana Shamrocks, The Balboas, and The Funky Armadillos.

- A vintage pin-up pagaent

- A live auction of local artwork

- A bikini body building exhibition

There's more, of course. But while the lineup sounds fun, it's important to remember it's about supporting local breast and cervical cancer screening. The event is organized by Faux Pink and costs nothing, but donations, of course, are encouraged.

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