British activists use tables better than Montana activists



Environmental activists made national headlines back in July when they descended on Gov. Brian Schweitzer's office to demand he "toss big oil out of Montana." Especially noteworthy about the protest was the impromptu dance performance—after listening to the governor for a good 20 minutes, activists jumped on tables to do a little jig while someone played a piano.

Good theater (and use of conference room tables), but not quite as colorful as Tuesday's orchestrated demonstration by The UK Tar Sands Network. Two undercover activists crashed the Canada-Europe Energy Summit and stripped down to Union Jack boxers and maple leaf-themed underwear for a table-top "Oil Orgy."

“We interrupted the Energy Round table today because the UK and Canadian governments flirtations are developing into friends with benefits," said UK Tar Sands Network campaigner Emily Coats in a statement. "This seedy relationship puts profits for the oil industry and banks ahead of much needed legislation which will curb emissions from transport fuel in Europe."

The UK Tar Sands Network is fighting the same type of fight as many of the Montana activists involved in stopping the Keystone XL pipeline. The Network "campaigns in partnership with indigenous communities affected by the Tar Sands oil developments in Canada. We target governments, UK companies, banks and investors operating in the Alberta Tar Sands."

The group promises more action as the UK government continues to support Canadian tar sands.

You can watch the full video from the oil orgy below:

Images and video appear with permission of The UK Tar Sands Network.
And H/T to Clean, Green, Sustainable for the heads up about the demonstration.

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