An update on David Lynch's budding music career



The debut solo album from the noted filmmaker and Missoula native sounds just as, oh, pick a word you'd use to describe one of his films ... recondite? esoteric? surreal? ... as you'd expect.

To be fair, I'm judging from two clips leaked by Sunday Best Recordings: the one below, which shows behind-the-scenes footage of Lynch in the recording studio, and another one with nothing but the Crazy Clown Time album cover and audio of the title track. Yes, the album is titled Crazy Clown Time.

The title track shows off Lynch's singing voice. It's described by one online commenter as Neil Young-ish. Another likens it to a cat, which basically means the same thing. (Affectionately, of course.) I think it sounds like my friend's aunt's ramblings at the end of a long, sherry-filled Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Crazy Clown Time drops Nov. 8. Pre-order it at iTunes here.

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