Those jobs are probably not coming back



Politico has now picked apart every interesting angle of the latest attack ad aimed at Sen. Jon Tester. First of all, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce-sponsored ad goes after "John" Tester, a mistake that's made a few headlines in the last week.

Also of note is the ominous image of what's supposed to be an empty Main Street as the narrator says, "...almost 250,000 jobs could be lost, with small business taking the biggest hit." Politico credits "A Montana source" who points out "the town in the photo is of an actual Montana ghost town — and those jobs were lost more than a century ago. The town of Marysville, Montana, featured in the ad, was an old gold rush town that declined at the end of the 19th century."

You can see some screen shots of Marysville's big cameo. The actual video doesn't appear to exist online.

This is the third time an ad attacking Tester has had some sort of slip-up. As Politico sums up:

First there was the National Republican Senatorial Committee commercial that made it look like the Montana Democrat had five fingers.

Then there was the Crossroads GPS spot that a cable company pulled off the air due to a dispute over a charge leveled over Tester's record on regulating farm dust.

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