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PEER lawsuit alleges BLM allowed politics to steer study
In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility alleges the Bureau of Land Management allowed politics to trump science after BLM managers told scientists in August of 2010 to exclude grazing in the BLM's Rapid Ecoregional Assessments, designed to examine the impact of fire, urban sprawl and other activities on six regions of the sagebrush West.
Idaho Statesman; Dec. 1

Montana FWP recommends putting Yellowstone bison on reservations
On Wednesday, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Director Joe Maurier signed a record of decision that includes a recommendation that the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission approve a plan to relocate 68 bison that have been held in quarantine since they wandered out of Yellowstone National Park to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation near Wolf Point and the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation near Harlem.
Helena Independent Record; Dec. 1

Human-bear conflicts lead agenda at grizzly bear meeting in Montana
The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee is holding its winter meeting in Missoula, and on Wednesday, bear managers from across the Rocky Mountain region discussed the 83 reported human-bear encounters in the region, and the lack of effectiveness of educating the public on how to conduct themselves in bear country.
Missoulian; Dec. 1

Utah congressman dismisses economists' call for more parks
More than 100 economists urged President Obama on Wednesday to protect more areas of the West from industrial development, saying that protected areas would provide more opportunities for economic development in the form of parks, wilderness areas and historic monuments, a plan U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah said conveniently ignored the economics of other such development for such areas.
Salt Lake Tribune; Dec. 1

Citizens group presents proposals for Yellowstone bison management
The 30-person citizens group made up of ranchers, wildlife advocates and others that have been working on ways to handle bison that wander out of Yellowstone National Park presented their proposals to state and federal officials, which included giving the bison more room to roam in Montana.
Great Falls Tribune (AP); Dec. 1

Suncor Refinery said to be source of 'black goo' in Colorado stream
Environmental Protection Agency officials said the refinery operated by Suncor Energy north of downtown Denver was the source of an underground plume of oily liquid, and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment officials have known since Oct. 26 that hazardous waste was spreading from the refinery.
Denver Post; Dec. 1

Seven Colorado companies make Forbes' list of 100 to watch
Colorado ranked third in the nation for the number of local companies on Forbes' top 100 list of America's Most Promising Companies, with Denver-based burger purveyor Smashburger garnering the No. 1 spot. Four Utah companies and two Idaho companies also made the list.
Denver Post; Dec. 1

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