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Alberta company builds drilling rig tanks in Montana city
Alberta-based Highland Projects found a ready and willing, as well as experienced, work force in Billings, where the company is now building tanks for use on drilling rigs in the oil fields, and with 18 already employed at the Montana plant, there could be room for expansion if demand for the tanks keeps growing.
Billings Gazette; Dec. 5

Wind-energy tower plant proposed in Wyoming put on hold
The joint venture proposed by Ohio-based Worthington Energy Group and an international company, Gestamp Renewables, to build a $40 million manufacturing plant in Cheyenne to build towers for wind turbines is now on hold, a move wind-industry analysts said can be tied to the uncertainty about the continuance of federal subsidies for wind-energy projects.
Casper Star-Tribune; Dec. 5

Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee ponders what's next
At its winter meeting in Missoula last week, members of the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee questioned what would be next for the grizzly bear populations in the Northern Rockies, as the bear remains—for now—under federal protection.
Missoulian; Dec. 4

Wyoming lawmaker, group pushes for horse slaughterhouse
Wyoming state Rep. Sue Wallis is a member of United Horsemen that formed a company, Unified Equine, to investigate opening a horse slaughterhouse in Wyoming.
Casper Star-Tribune; Dec. 5

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Montana PPL riverbed case Wednesday
On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear from attorneys for the state of Montana as well as PPL Montana on the utility's appeal of a Montana Supreme Court decision that found PPL Montana owned the state rent for the riverbeds on which the utility's five hydroelectric plants operate.
Great Falls Tribune; Dec. 3

University of Montana scraps biomass boiler plan
Last week, University of Montana Royce Engstrom announced that the university would not install a proposed $16-million biomass boiler on its Missoula campus, and cited uncertainty about a fuel stream, concerns about the community's air quality, and a general decline in the discussion about the project as reasons for the decision.
Missoulian; Dec. 3

Colorado land swap too rich for Koch
Tom Chapman has made a name for himself by buying parcels of private land surrounded by public lands and then leveraging the buyout by threatening to develop the remote wild parcels, and Chapman offered to sell a cabin he owns within Black Canyon National Park in Colorado to billionaire William Koch for $13 million, which Koch could then use in a land swap to gain some federal lands that split his sprawling Bear Ranch near Paonia.
Denver Post; Dec. 5

Enbridge deal with Gitxsan questioned by members of First Nation
Enbridge announced Friday that the Alberta company had garnered the support of the Gitxsan First Nation for its Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project that would move Alberta crude west across British Columbia to ports on the West Coast, but over the weekend, other leaders with the First Nation disputed that the entire tribe was supportive of the project.
Toronto Globe and Mail; Dec. 5

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