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Indy readers rarely hold back opinions regarding this here little news organization. We get to read comments online, on our Facebook page, via Twitter, in the Letters to the Editor section of the weekly paper, and, sometimes, staffers get to hear long, colorful voice-mail messages at the office.

That's all well and good—no, honest, really—but hardly a formal survey.


Now you have a chance to sound off a little more thoroughly on what you read and how you read it. The Indy's readership survey is quick and painless (multiple choice!) and helpful.

But don't just fill it out on our account. There's something in it for you. For approximately 1 minute of your time you'll be entered to win ski passes, concert tickets, gift cards and random stuff off the arts editor's desk.*

What are you waiting for? Get started by clicking right here or the image above.

*Just kidding about the random stuff off the arts editor's desk, although I'm sure Erika would be happy to unload some old CDs and paperbacks if a winner asks nicely. The ski passes and other prizes? Totally true.

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