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Oregon port to consider request to ship Wyoming, Montana coal
On Jan. 25, the Port of St. Helens commission will consider the requests of Kinder Morgan Terminals and Pacific Transloading, a subsidiary of Ambre Energy, to ship Wyoming and Montana coal through the Oregon port, a marked change as currently coal is exported only through Canadian ports on the West Coast.
Portland Oregonian; Jan. 18

Idaho House approves new rules for oil and gas development
If neither the state House nor the Senate votes in opposition to the regulations on the oil and gas industry passed by the Idaho House on Wednesday, those rules will take effect.
Idaho Statesman; Jan. 18

BLM's proposed protections for historic trails in Wyoming ignite debate
The Bureau of Land Management is taking public comment through Friday on its plan to update its management plan for 2.5 million acres in Fremont, Natrona, Hot Springs, Carbon and Sweetwater counties in Wyoming, an area that contains the Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express trails, as well as the Continental Divide, and the BLM's proposal to expand the current quarter-mile buffer on each side of those trails to five miles, is sparking much debate.
Casper Star-Tribune; Jan. 18

Idaho landowners, utilities work with BLM on route of Gateway West power line
When Idaho Power Co. and Rocky Mountain Power first proposed the Gateway West Transmission line between southern Wyoming and southern Idaho, farmers in Idaho immediately joined in the discussion about the path of the power line.
Twin Falls Times-News; Jan. 18

Wyoming residents fault state, gas industry for questioning EPA report on water
Wyoming and Encana, the natural-gas driller operating in the area near Pavillion where an Environmental Protection Agency investigation found a potential link between hydraulic fracturing and water contamination, have questioned the EPA report, and residents of the area are criticizing the state for taking industry's side.
Casper Star-Tribune; Jan. 18

NPS: Hunting wolves in Wyoming parkway could be an option
The National Park Service manages the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway, a 24,000-acre swath of land that lies between Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks in Wyoming, and regional Park Service officials said they would consider allowing wolf hunting in the parkway if such a hunt was needed by the state to meet its management goals.
Jackson Hole News & Guide; Jan. 18

Biologist tracks fish recovery following Montana wildfire of 2000
The findings of a study that tracked fish recovery in streams in Montana's Bitterroot Valley following the wildfires of 2000 generally support the findings done in Yellowstone National Park in 1988—wildfires ultimately had a beneficial effect on stream habitat and trout. Bitterroot Trout Unlimited is sponsoring Michael Jakober's talk "Fish and fires: You can burn us but we'll be back," on Thursday in Hamilton.
Ravalli Republic; Jan. 18

Groups again challenge USFS plan for watershed work in Montana forest
The Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Montana Ecosystem Defense Council and Native Ecosystems Council again challenged the U.S. Forest Service's proposal to conduct logging and prescribed burns on 4,800 acres in the Gallatin National Forest's Hyalite and Bozeman Creek drainages to reduce the risk of wildfire in the watershed that provides Bozeman with 80 percent of its drinking water, saying that the plan still threatens Canada lynx and grizzly bear habitat, and logging could increase sediment in streams, threatening native westslope cutthroat trout.
Bozeman Daily Chronicle; Jan. 18

ExxonMobil buries Montana pipeline deeper at 2 other water crossings
After its Silvertip Pipeline broke last year and spilled oil into the Yellowstone River last year, ExxonMobil buried the repaired pipeline much deeper at that crossing, and has reburied the pipeline deeper under the Rock Creek and Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone at two crossings in Montana's Carbon County.
Billings Gazette; Jan. 18

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