Turner, Montana, gets its 15 minutes



A baseball blog called FlipFlopFlyin.com recently declared Turner the American town farthest away from a Major League Baseball team. According to the site, Turner, home of the Turner Tornadoes, is more than 600 miles from both the Seattle Mariners and Colorado Rockies; a drive to Seattle's Safeco Field would take 14 hours.

Another sports blog, A Sports Nation Divided, picked up on the post and added it's own commentary under the headline, "The Saddest Town in America."

Turnerites didn't take kindly to the Divided post and responded in the comments section. The site apologized for taking a "cheap shot", and ran some of the letters.

This week, Deadspin jumped in and covered the bickering. The Seattle P-I also offered to help by extending Turner an invitation to join the Mariners' fanbase. (Thanks?)

All of this over a town with a population of 120, and situated about 15 miles from the Canadian border, just north of the Fort Belknap Reservation.

Enjoy the attention, Turner. You've earned it.

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