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Interior Dept. sends $12.9M to Montana for tribal water projects
Roughly 25 percent of the $50 million the Interior Department announced Wednesday for water infrastructure projects will flow to Montana, where $12.9 million will be used for two tribal water projects, with the Fort Peck Reservation/Dry Prairie Rural Water System getting $9 million and the Rocky Boy's/North Central Montana Rural Water System getting $3.9 million.
Great Falls Tribune; Feb. 9

Idaho irrigation district's deal to buy fish farms moves ahead
Voter approval of the Southwest Idaho Irrigation District's plan to buy fish farms in the Magic Valley was the last remaining large step to putting the agreement in place, and on Tuesday, water users approved the deal, which is designed to put to address current and future water calls.
Twin Falls Times-News; Feb. 9

Enbridge CEO: Terms for First Nations for Northern Gateway pipeline on the table
Pat Daniel, the chief executive officer of Enbridge, Inc., the company that wants to build the Northern Gateway pipeline to ship Alberta crude to a port on British Columbia's western coast, told a reporter that the terms for the support of First Nations across whose lands the pipeline will pass will remain the same: 10 percent of the equity in the pipeline and $1 billion in community development funds.
Vancouver Sun (Reuters); Feb. 9

Montana group proposes change to Tester's Forest Jobs bill
The Northwest Montana Patriots Association is proposing that for every acre of land designated as wilderness in the state under U.S. Sen. Jon Tester's proposed Forest Jobs and Recreation Act, the federal government transfer an acre of land to the state to manage as it sees fit.
Kalispell Daily InterLake; Feb. 9

Group sues to force removal of statue of Jesus from Montana mountain
As promised when the U.S. Forest Service renewed a special permit that allowed a statue of Jesus to remain on Whitefish Mountain Resort ski area in Montana, the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Missoula seeking the removal of the statue.
Missoulian; Feb. 9

Federal census finds Alberta's population gains highest in Canada
Alberta's booming oilsands operations fueled the province's 13.4 percent population growth recorded by the latest federal census, and the province has the lowest unemloyment rate as well, with employers saying the lack of needed workers is keeping them from growing.
Calgary Herald; Feb. 9

Trade talks turn to timber exports on Harper's second day in China
Wood products have become Canada's third-largest export to China, and on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's second day in China, talks turned to increasing exports of softwood and other lumber to China.
Vancouver Sun (Postmedia); Feb. 9

Montana ranch where Bitterroot Resort planned up for auction
Tom Maclay's dream of turning his 2,900-acre ranch in Montana into the Bitterroot Resort is $23 million in debt, and on Feb. 22, the bank holding the paper has forced a foreclosure sale of the property.
Missoulian; Feb. 9

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