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Study of Colorado natural gas field yields surprising results
Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Earth Systems Research Laboratory (ESRL) in Boulder found that methane releases from a gas field Colorado's Weld County were much higher than previously estimated, and are now conducting studies of other gas fields to see if the conditions found in Colorado were unique to that one development or if methane releases from such operations are more than estimated.
Christian Science Monitor; Feb. 14

Idaho county commission approves oil, gas ordinance
At a meeting on Monday, the Washington County Commission unanimously approved an ordinance governing oil and gas operations in the Idaho county. A Letters from the West column by Rocky Barker.
Idaho Statesman ; Feb. 14

Alberta approves MEG's third phase of oilsands project
Calgary-based MEG Energy Corp. said the third phase of its Christina Lake oilsands project in Alberta will allow it to expand production sixfold.
Edmonton Journal; Feb. 14

Review panel: Alberta power lines needed — and soon
The four-member Critical Transmission Review Committee, appointed by the Alberta government to determine if two high-voltage power lines between Edmonton and Calgary were needed, issued a decision that the lines are indeed needed, and sooner than later.
Calgary Herald; Feb. 14

In annual speech, Wyoming governor pushes wolf plan, strategic budget cuts
Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead gave his State of the State speech on Monday, and he asked lawmakers to approve his proposed $3.2-billion budget that contains $100 million for highways and the governor asked lawmakers to pass legislation codifying the wolf management plan he hammered out with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that classifies wolves as predators in much of the state, allowing them to be shot on sight.
Casper Star-Tribune; Feb. 14

Wyoming forges ahead on health care reform
Gov. Matt Mead is no fan of the federal Affordable Health Care Act, but his administration's programs to reform health care in Wyoming share some of the same attributes as the federal plan: reduce costs, improve efficiencies and focus on prevention. Part of the Casper Star-Tribune's series on health care in Wyoming.
Casper Star-Tribune; Feb. 14

Idaho lawmakers get a look at Otter's plan to protect sage grouse
At a joint session of the Idaho House and Senate environment and resources committees on Monday, officials of Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's administration rolled out the state's plan to protect sage grouse that is based on Wyoming's plan.
Idaho Statesman; Feb. 14

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