Dennis Washington stores his speedboat on his enormous yacht




The city of San Diego is amazed by the presence of Missoula billionaire Dennis Washington's boat. Oh, it's not just a boat, but one of the world's largest yachts.

Washington's affinity for large water vessels has been well covered. He oversaw the design of the Attessa IV himself, spending approximately 40 months "ripping it apart and rebuilding it to his painstaking—and hypercritical—specifications," wrote Forbes in October. "For three and a half years a crew of 224, including ten engineers, have toiled full-time—an estimated 1 million man-hours. In addition to adding the fifth floor, Washington extended the bow by 12 feet and stern by 20 feet, built a 12-seat theater and replaced four staterooms with a gym, spa and massage room."

Washington refused to say how much he spent on the renovation, but the boat is now worth $300 million. According to Forbes, only three other yachts — ones owned by David Geffen, Paul Allen and Evgeny Shvidler — are longer than Washington's.

Anyway, the boat recently docked in San Diego and was such an attraction that the city's Fox affiliate spent a segment talking about it. Reporter Jaime Chambers speaks with wide-eyed onlookers, circles the vessel and scores an impromptu on-board interview with the yacht's captain. You can also see some still photographs of the inside, including that full spa. Chambers ends the story noting that, in addition to the helicopter landing pad, the Attessa IV is big enough to hold Washington's speedboat.

Watch the Fox video here (it can't be embedded) or read more about the boat in Forbes. And a h/t to @BoyceDan who first posted the Fox story on Twitter.

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