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Watershed protection in the West wins support of utilities, communities
Before the U.S. Forest Service made protection of watersheds a priority last May, cities such as Denver and Santa Fe were working with local Forest Service officials and groups to come up with plans to restore the health of watersheds that provide those municipalities with water, but the response to other watershed restoration work, including one proposed by Bozeman and the Gallatin National Forest in Montana, face challenges from environmental groups.
High Country News;

Trappers, outfitters protest Alberta's slaughter of wolves to save caribou
Most of the opposition to Alberta's plan to kill wolves, using poison and aerial gunners, to save the Little Smoky caribou herd has come from environmental and wildlife advocate groups, but now outfitters and trappers are joining the chorus, urging the province to address the real threat to the caribou: energy development and logging.
Edmonton Journal;

Alberta to review garbage policy in oilsands country after 145 bears killed
Alberta’s Sustainable Resource Development Frank Oberle ordered a review of garbage management practices in the province's oilsands country, as well as the government's monitoring of those sites after Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman told the Legislature that 145 black bears were killed at oilsands garbage sites, campgrounds and homes last year, nearly three times the number killed the year before.
Calgary Herald;

Revamped plan to ship Rocky Mountain coal bigger than ever
Millennium Bulk Terminals withdrew its plan to ship 5 million tons of coal from the Rocky Mountain West from a terminal at the mouth of the Columbia River last year, but the company has filed new permits for a much larger terminal in Longview, Wash., that would allow the shipment of 25 million tons of coal from Montana, Wyoming and Colorado to Asia each year.
Seattle Times;

FERC denial doesn't deter Colorado man from pursuing Wyoming water pipeline permit
Aaron Million said he'll rework and resubmit his proposal to build a 500-mile pipeline to move water from the Flaming Gorge Reservoir on the Wyoming-Utah border south to Colorado's Front Range cities after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission denied his original application.
Deseret News;

USFS's 'leaner" process to speed projects in Montana
The Northern Region of the U.S. Forest Service, headquartered in Montana, will get $8 million from the $40-million Collaborative Landscape Restoration Program designed to do more on-the-ground work with less money, using a streamlined process and getting buy-ins from local governments, companies and landowners.

Utah governor approves of plan to sue to gain control of federal lands
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert in in agreement with Republican legislators who have introduced a package of bills that would demand the federal government relinquish control of its lands in the state by 2014, and would provide $3 million in funding to sue the government if it does not comply.
Salt Lake Tribune;

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