How to eat a wolf



Props to Boise Weekly for going to a bold new level of wolf coverage: how to eat the meat.

Randy King identifies himself as a hunter who eats what he kills. With so many people looking to kill wolves in Idaho (and Montana, for that matter), he wonders if anyone's cookin' up some wolf flanks.

I called a few wolf-hunting guide companies to see if anyone had eaten the wolves they had shot. The reaction I got was a mixture of revulsion and incredulity.

"Have you ever smelled a dead wolf? Do you know what they eat? Any animal that eats rotten meat, smells like death and looks like a dog is not all that popular on our dinner table around here ... so no, we don't eat wolf," explained Inga Cabral with Russell Pond & B Bar C Outfitters out of St. Maries.

King hits a couple dead ends ("After repeated, unreturned calls to Idaho Fish and Game, I got the hint that 'eating wolf' is not a topic that the department would like to go on record about"), but manages to mention Liam Neeson's prep for acting in The Grey, debunk a quote from Montana Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife and quote Perry Backus.

He never eats a wolf, but does find a replacement. He also ends the story with an expert Seattle chef offering up a wolf recipe that, perhaps unfortunately, sounds delicious.

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