Montana is heavily influenced by Fox News (and Weird News)



I know what you're thinking: Isn't that headline redundant? Very funny. We're actually being serious, according to new data compiled by Bitly and reported by Forbes and Huffington Post.


Forbes worked with Bitly and its data on millions of Web clicks to find the most influential media outlets in the country. Montana was one of three states to heavily favor Fox News. The others were Texas and Mississippi.

Huffington Post crunched the same data from Bitly and found another trend for Montana: we're weirdly obsessed with Weird News. Turns out the site experienced an unusual spike in traffic to its Weird News page in January, and wanted to learn why. Here's what Associate Editor Steven Hoffer found:

Where in the world was the highest concentration of this gained traffic, you might ask? Montana and Wyoming, says Forbes.

"Weird News is a great portion of what they are reading there... they love it at a greater rate than the national average," Jon Bruner, the site's data editor told Huff Post.


Why is this? Bruner has a few educated guesses — the spike could be the result of a "taste-maker's" shared link that just stuck — but we're going with this idea: nobody knows.

Perhaps folks in Montana and Wyoming just love strange animals? Perhaps state governments are pushing more tax dollars toward dethroning Florida's legendary status as most bizarre state?

Or, perhaps it ties back to our preference in national media.

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