Reports: Allegiant Airlines to charge for carry-on bags


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Flying in and out of Missoula has always been expensive, but the arrival of Allegiant Airlines a few years ago at least offered some respite with discounted fares to Vegas, Phoenix, L.A. and, more recently, San Fran. Sure, there were hidden fees — for reserving a seat, for checking bags, etc. — but you found a way around them and could still get out of town for, sometimes, around $100 round-trip.

That's going to be harder after confirmed that Allegiant will become the second airline to charge for carry-on bags. Yes, carry-ons.

From USA Today:

Like Spirit, Allegiant will allow customers to bring on one personal item free of charge, but only if those items can fit under the seat in front them. Bags that must be put in overhead storage bins will cost $35 if not reserved in advance, according to the report at

Allegiant apparently will offer a discounted rate if purchased online in advance, but says the carrier "has not confirmed how much the fee' will be.

Allegiant has yet to make an official announcement about the change. quotes an Allegiant spokesman saying it will go into effect tomorrow and details will appear on the airline's website later tonight.


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