Schweitzer slipping in silly 2016 polls


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Public Policy Polling is a lot of fun because it stays busy polling people days, months and even years before any of the numbers really matter, and gives us something to prematurely chew on. One example: Montana Republicans couldn't get enough Newt Gingrich in November. Now, he's penguin food.

The latest PPP poll offers some troubling news about Brian Schweitzer and his prospects for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. He's coming in at 1%, trailing Hillary Clinton (57%), Joe Biden (14%), Elizabeth Warren (6%), Andrew Cuomo (5%), Russ Feingold (3%), Mark Warner (2%) and probably Jag, his dog.

The good news: He's tied with Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and still included in polls like this one (and this one) despite never contending.

We're not worried.

For one thing, Schweitzer repeatedly insists he's not interested in Washington. Just this week he said the place "disgusts" him. For another, it's 2012. If Schweitzer changes his mind, he has plenty of time to raise his national profile after terming out of local office. Plus, the governor likes a good narrative as much as anyone, and polls like this—combined with a "Well, someone has to clean up D.C." message—will make for one heck of a come-from-behind underdog story in four years.


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