Big Oil's wish list, in charts



Between the historic Bakken boom and the never-ending Keystone XL pipeline debate, Montanans hear a lot about the promise and potential of the oil industry. But how do those two projects, both of which directly affect our state, fit into Big Oil's grand scheme?

Brad Plumer provides some perspective. He breaks down the American Petroleum Institute's report of recommendations to the Republican and Democratic committees currently crafting their party platforms. Plumer describes this report as "Big Oil’s wish list," and it includes the Bakken and Keystone, as well as off-shore drilling and overall production. It also includes a boatload of charts, which make all of the data a little easier to digest.

So, what's the upshot? The plan contends that if API gets what it wants from legislators, "the United States could eliminate oil imports from everywhere but Canada by around 2030." And here's what that would look like:


Read Plumer's full post at The Washington Post's The Fix for more charts and analysis. You'll also find a bonus chart from the Center for American Progress, a group that has already put together a rebuttal to API's wish list.

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