Indy at 21: Four things you should know about Baby & Bukowski



A quick guide to the young acoustic duo.

1. Arts Editor Erika Fredrickson wrote about the band for the current issue of the paper. Here's a bit from that article on the duo's debut album:

"We Won't Go Home Until Morning showcases the duo's exquisite vocals: Wolverton's are dreamy and Krebsbach's a little saucy, and their harmonizing is a sweet balance of the two. The lyrics are sharply rendered for anyone, let alone two 18-year-olds who've just begun their writing careers. "If You See This Ghost" is a kind of girl-power song, but not in any sort of cliché way you've heard before. 'That song I wrote as an homage to being a feminist,' says Wolverton. 'It's about girls who don't think they're good enough, who are constantly regretting things they do in their lives.' Lines like 'She carries a love note in her back pocket / Always afraid someone is going to take it away' and 'The hero don't come until act two,' show keen observation for subtle pain and literary tragedy. (Their band name also reveals their sharpness: a tribute to Charles Bukowski's love for starting his poems with 'baby.')"

2. They do a sweet Simon and Garfunkel mashup:

3. They're playing at Indy Fest this Saturday at Caras Park.

4. You may have seen them at Farmer's Markets rocking covers or originals from their recently released album, We Won't Go Home Until Morning. Here's a Bright Eyes cover near the Market last Summer.

Indy Fest starts at 2 p.m. Saturday at Caras Park. Admission is free and there's food, drinks and, duh, live music. We'll be profiling the bands all week.

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