Indy at 21: Four things you should know about Sick Kids XOXO




A quick guide to the local indie pop band.

1. They're the kings (and queen) of catchy synth-pop a la Florence and the Machine or Stars. Check it out:

2. They released their first CD to a big and captive audience at the Wilma last winter. Here's a piece of that sharply produced package:

3. They're playing Indy Fest this Saturday at Caras Park.

4. Arts Editor Erika Fredrickson talked to them in September and found out a little more about the name:

Guitarist/singer Michael Gill recalls being hung over, having just woken up from a wild night of DJing for his popular Dead Hipster dance party shows at the Badlander bar. He was in need of a herd of beverages and a dark, quiet room. But as he stood staring at rows of healthy coconut drinks and other thirst-quenching remedies, a baby started crying incessantly in the shopping cart next to him.

"The baby was screaming its head off,' says Gill. 'And I'm rubbing my forehead, dying silently."

The mother of the baby noticed Gill's pain and was sympathetic. She patted Gill on the shoulder and told him that she was sorry but the baby was sick and that's what the screaming was all about. Gill's annoyance turned to sudden warmth, he says. The baby almost seemed cute now. "I left the store thinking that was such a good concept for a band name," says Gill. "Here's this injured teeny person that typically would be driving you insane, but all of a sudden it becomes this adorable, more personable thing."

Indy Fest starts at 2 p.m. Saturday at Caras Park. Admission is free and there's food, drinks and, duh, live music. We'll be profiling the bands all week.

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