What's for dinner? Maybe some genetically engineered salmon



Indy food columnist Ari LeVaux wrote a piece for Outside Online that may make your stomach turn.

In "The Genetically Engineered Salmon that Could Soon Run Wild" LeVaux details the work at AquaBounty Technologies. The company created a type of salmon at its Panama facility called AquAdvantage Salmon, which grows twice as fast as regular salmon. Before a big storm in 2008 ruined the first batch of AquAdvantage Salmon, AquaBounty believed the fish could be marketed to the U.S., pending regulatory approval, by as early as 2009. It would be the first GE salmon available for human consumption.

About that storm: it's opened up some questions about AquaBounty and its preparedness for such a precedent-setting fish. LeVaux discovers some inconsistencies between the company's recently discovered memo about the incident and other reports. The FDA, meanwhile, has been quiet about the incident and AquaBounty since its application for approval is pending.

There's more — including transgenic shrimp! — and, needless to say, all of it comes off smelling a bit, um, fishy.

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