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Sioux, Cheyenne site in Montana designated as National Historic Landmark
At a ceremony on Monday, the Deer Medicine Rocks in southeastern Montana on which pictographs of the histories of native peoples appear, including a vision that foretold the outcome of the Little Bighorn battle between Cheyenne and Sioux warriors and Lt. Col. George A. Custer and his 7th Cavalry, was designated as a National Historic Landmark.
Billings Gazette; June 12

Colorado wildfire victim identified
The High Park Fire is now at 43,000 acres, and officials have released the name of the 62-year-old woman who died in the Colorado wildfire.
Denver Post; June 11

Wildfires in Colorado, N.M., ramp up calls for more air tankers
As crews battle the High Park fire in Colorado and another in New Mexico near Ruidoso, federal lawmakers are urging that the U.S. Forest Service be allowed to add more air tankers to its fleet.
Casper Star-Tribune (AP); June 12

Canada sends three air tankers to U.S. to aid in wildfire efforts
The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre is sending three CV-580 twin-engine air tankers to the United States to bolster the U.S. Forest Service's aerial firefighting fleet.
Missoulian; June 12

NOAA maps give Idaho city residents an interactive view of potential flooding
Boise was the first city in the West selected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to get its flood-inundation maps, and residents of the Idaho city can go online and see how their property would fare under different high water scenarios for the Boise River.
Idaho Statesman; June 12

Study: Outdoor recreation an 'overlooked economic giant'
A study released by the Western Governors Association and Boulder's Outdoor Industry Association examined the economic effects of trail sports, biking, camping, snow sports, water sports, fishing, hunting, wildlife-watching, motorcycle riding and off-roading, and found that those outdoor activities provided 2.3 million jobs and pumped $256 billion in spending in western states.
Denver Post; June 12

Parks Canada won't fill 49 vacant jobs in Alberta park
Banff National Park employees were told not to discuss federal jobs cuts after Parks Canada reported that 49 unfilled jobs in the Alberta park would remain vacant.
Rocky Mountain Outlook; June 7

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