Chaos in the land of Disney, Romney's shadow years, My Little Pony (and other alternative news links)



Every so often we pull together some recommended stories from other alternative news media. Here are seven for your weekend reading pleasure.

Chaos in the Land of Disney
What's happening in Anaheim? If you haven't heard, there have been protests after police killed 24-year-old Santa Ana resident Manuel Diaz and 21-year-old Joel Acevedo. OC Weekly aims to move past the national media's storylines of "racist cops and oppressed Latinos" with a look at how the city reached such a boiling point.

It's not the police, but rather the lack of city leadership that has allowed a once-proud city to decay, to create the tense situation Anaheim is in today. Actually, scratch that: There has been city leadership, one so deluded it set the conditions that allowed Anaheim's long, hot summer to finally explode.

Presidential candidates and the past
November is getting closer, so expect more and more presidential profiles. The Boston Phoenix looks at Mitt Romney's "Shadow Years," otherwise known as the time he left Bain Capital to run the Winter Olympics between 1999 and 2002. The Phoenix has a long history of covering Romney, of course, from his time as Massachusetts governor.

On the other side of the ballot, Dave Cieslewicz, the former mayor of Madison, Wisc., looks at the shaping of Barack Obama in a story for Isthmus. More specifically, he looks at the new book by Madison native David Maraniss, Barack Obama: The Story, and its focus on Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

Everyone loves ponies
Orlando Weekly attends the ninth annual My Little Pony Fair and Convention, and finds that it's filled with adults who not only love the children's cartoon series, but dress the part.

Dealing with life back home
Many Americans would consider the ex-Marine profiled in Baltimore City Paper's "Street Soldier" a hero for the work he did in Iraq. Many would also consider him a criminal for the work he does now that he’s back home. Specifically, he deals drugs, and does so in the same efficiency and focus he learned during his two tours of duty.

Musicians act stupid, too
Dave Hernandez, formerly of the Shins, recounts for The Stranger some of his most embarrassing moments in front of a few of the music industry's most famous people. It's good. You'll notice cameos by Trent Reznor, Slipknot, Ian MacKaye, David Lovering of the Pixies and Rick Rubin "draped in a white yogi toga robe wrap sort of thing."

One ugly cat. Or dog. I can't really tell
Eugene Weekly did its annual pet issue and, while I don't normally flip through such things, I had a hard time escaping the image of its winner for "Ugliest." Amy the Angry Reindeer is also worth mentioning.

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