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Purebred Yellowstone bison born in New York zoo
The work done by Colorado State University researchers has culminated in the birth of a genetically pure Yellowstone bison at the Bronx Zoo, the first in a campaign to produce a purebred herd of bison that will eventually be released back onto their historic ranges in the West.
Denver Post; Aug. 31

Montana wildfire more than doubles in size on Thursday
The Pine Creek Five in Montana's Paradise Valley is now estimated to be more than 12,000 acres in size, and has destroyed at least five homes.
Billings Gazette; Aug. 31

Elk-brucellosis working group make recommendations to Montana FWP
The 12 members of the Elk/Brucellosis Working Group met with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission on Thursday and said they had come up with five options designed to stop the spread of brucellosis from elk to livestock that included higher limits for elk hunts and better fences to keep cattle from elk.
Helena Independent Record; Aug. 31

Kuwait poised to make $4-billion investment into Alberta oilsands projects
Foreign governments and companies are increasingly interested in investing in Alberta's oil and gas reserves, challenging Canada's government to clarify its stance on foreign ownership of energy resources.
Toronto Globe and Mail; Aug. 31

Wyoming awaits word from federal government on wolf delisting
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to make an announcement today about delisting wolves in Wyoming, although normally such decisions are posted the day before they're announced in the reading room of the public inspection desk of the Federal Register, and no such posting was made Thursday.
Casper Star-Tribune; Aug. 31

Federal judge tells USFS to revisit some decisions on Idaho mine
U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge found that the U.S. Forest Service's environmental assessment of Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines' CuMo Mine project near Idaho City arbitrarily concluded that Mosquito's plan to expand exploratory drilling would have no significant impact on water quality, and the judge vacated portions of the assessment and ordered more research on how the work would affect groundwater and water quality.
Idaho Statesman (AP); Aug. 30

U.S. appeals court upholds decision on slaughter of bison in Montana
On Thursday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld the decision of U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell's decision last year that said the National Park Service has the authority to control the population of bison in Yellowstone National Park and that culls of the herd are legal.
Idaho Statesman (AP); Aug. 31

BLM's sale of Utah energy leases raises water concerns in Moab
The Bureau of Land Management is proposing to sell energy leases on 80,000 acres in southeastern Utah, and the group MoveOn has begun a petition to get the agency to withdraw two parcels that cover 3,600 acres near Moab over concerns that hydraulic fracturing operations could pollute the aquifer from which Moab gets its water.
Salt Lake Tribune; Aug. 31

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