Humor columnist Dave Barry endorses Gov. Schweitzer for President



There's not much setup necessary for Dave Barry's latest column, except noting that it includes all of the following: complimentary margaritas, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer's affinity for penis jokes, James Carville, bedbugs on crack, a vague reference to an infamous Lone Ranger anecdote, Schweitzer demonstrating how to castrate a bull, political talking head Jeff Greenfield, the drunkenness of Montana voters and radio host/actor Jay Thomas.

Oh, and this line:

Gov. Schweitzer is leaving office in January; if we don’t elect this man, at bare minimum, president of the United States, we are even stupider than I think we are.

Read the column. Then keep an eye out for Schweitzer as he's slated to address the Democratic National Convention either this evening or tomorrow.

(Props to Left in the West, which is back with some regularity, for linking to the column before I could.)

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