Police plan extra DUI patrols during Homecoming Weekend (duh)



This is obvious, but worth noting for those more concerned this weekend with keg stands and field goals than safety. The Missoula Police Department is planning extra DUI patrols during Homecoming Weekend, beginning tonight. A release from the department specifies:

The Police Department will have additional patrols in the downtown area as well as additional DUI enforcement and party patrols. ...

The Missoula Police Department will respond to party complaints and will if necessary issue citations or make arrests. This results in not only an arrest or citation but could also lead to eviction for a renter. ...

Directly after the homecoming football game, there will be units assigned to the UM area strictly for DUI enforcement.

Be safe. Don't be dumb. And call someone if you need a ride.

Photo by Steele Williams

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