Remembering George McGovern, "The Last Best Liberal"



George McGovern died Sunday at the age of 90. Brad Tyer profiled the former presidential nominee and Bitterroot resident for a 2003 Indy cover story titled "The Last Best Liberal."

In memory of McGovern, here's a link to the entire story, which includes many quotes from McGovern that could still apply today:

“I wrote that article,” he says, “because I think that practically every gain that this country has made in the last 200 years has been at the initiative of liberals, usually over the opposition of conservatives…I think the liberals have been out in front and that’s where I want to be.”


“I think the liberals are too timid, They’ve just lost a number of elections, including the last one…and the interpretation I think of too many liberals is that that means we were just too far from the mainstream, we’ve got to get back in the middle of the road. Don’t rock the boat on Iraq, don’t rock the boat on tax deductions of any kind, no matter who they go to.

“I think we need to be told that it makes no sense to grant a 1.4 trillion reduction in taxes for the wealthiest people in this country and then announce that we don’t have enough money to provide prescription drugs for old people. I think it’s wrong for a great country like this to provide big tax giveaways to the people that least need it, then shortchange the schools, the health care, the environment….”

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