Nigerian exchange student pleads guilty to punching transwoman in Missoula



Obioha Onwubiko pleaded guilty last week in Missoula Municipal Court to a misdemeanor assault charge that resulted from an April incident outside the Elk’s Club when Onwubiko punched a transgender woman in the face.

Onwubiko originally faced two misdemeanor charges, one of them sexual assault, for allegedly grabbing transwoman Anita Green’s crotch before he punched her. The two charges were punishable by a maximum of 1 year in custody and a $1,000 fine. However, in exchange for Onwubiko’s guilty plea, Missoula prosecutor Carrie Garber dropped the sexual assault charge. Onwubiko is paying $203 and will not serve time as a result of the incident.

“I feel that’s a slap on the wrist,” says Green, who’s a fourth-year University of Montana student from Billings.

On April 28, Green and Onwubiko, a 21-year old Nigerian exchange student, danced at the Elks. They also kissed. Green’s account of what happened that night differs from Onwubiko’s. Green says that Onwubiko was rough with her and demanding and that during their interaction, Onwubiko discovered Green has a penis by grabbing her crotch without permission. She says he then became enraged when he discovered that she is a biological male.

Onwubiko says that he touched Green’s genitals because he suspected Green had deceived him into believing that she was a a biological woman. He wanted to confirm his suspicions.

Now that the two charges Green filed are resolved, Onwubiko faces a third misdemeanor for allegedly threatening another UM student two days after the incident outside the Elk's. Onwubiko says he believed that student helped trick him into believing that Green was a biological woman. Onwubiko is slated plead not guilty to that charge during a Dec. 20 trial.

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