Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year: John Mayer in Montana!



All week we'll be counting down the end of 2012 by counting down the Indy's top five blog posts of the year. It's a pretty big deal, we know, and that's why we're stringing it out over five days.

Without any further ado, here's No. 2:

Truth be told, this one caught us a bit off guard. When the news came out that Jenifer Aniston's ex-boyfriend had moved to Montana to get his head on straight and work on his new album and to get away with wearing hats like this, it damn near broke our site. Here's the entirety of what we wrote:

Mega-popular musician and tabloid magnet John Mayer, who's known for his bluesy guitar playing and playboy lifestyle, has come out of a self-imposed hiatus to promote his new album.

During an interview yesterday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" he revealed that his life had spun out of control; exhibit A: his April 2010 Playboy interview revealed a little too much about his porn addiction and sex life with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. Needing to chill out, and also recover from throat surgery, Mayer ended up in the place everyone goes to completely escape: Montana. He bought a house in the Bozeman area, "in the middle of nowhere," and he says he's grown up a lot. You can see his full interview below.

That's it. But it was enough to have loyal Montanans alternately freaking out about or celebrating Mayer's arrival. The comments on the post are a pretty interesting read by themselves.

Mayer, of course, wasn't the only music-related post this year to move the needle. Two others that placed just outside our year's top five blog posts: Changes at 96.3 The Blaze took away the hard rock station's local programming and added more of bands like Creed, and the Smashing Pumpkins gave less than one week's notice before playing the Wilma. Billy Corgan and Co., in turn, ended up providing one of the weirder bits of stage banter (it starts about 1:30 into the clip) of the year.

We'll be back on Monday, New Year's Eve, with the most popular blog post of the year.

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