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Montana judge upholds state's plan to allow Yellowstone bison to roam
District Judge E. Wayne Phillips issued a decision Monday that dismissed two lawsuits challenging the state of Montana's plan to allow bison from Yellowstone National Park to roam freely on 70,000 acres of the Big Sky State outside of the park.
Billings Gazette (AP); Jan. 8

Ninth Circuit Court panel upholds Idaho's plan for managing federal roadless lands
On Monday, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision upholding Idaho's management plan for 9.3 million acres of federal roadless forest lands within the state.
Twin Falls Times-News; Jan. 8

Study links Alberta's oilsands development to increase in carcinogen in lakes
A study released Monday found a dramatic increase in the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, some of which are carcinogenic, in lakes near Alberta's oilsands operations, and that PAH levels in some wilderness lakes approach those found in urban lakes.
Toronto Globe and Mail; Jan. 8

Federal judge temporarily suspends BLM's wild-horse roundup in Nevada
Wild Horse Education presented video footage of wranglers using electric prods in its successful argument to suspend the Bureau of Land Management's Owyhee roundup of wild mustangs in Nevada near the Idaho line, and U.S. District Judge Miranda Du will hold a hearing Thursday to hear from both the BLM and the wild horse advocacy group on whether the roundup can begin again.
Idaho Statesman (AP); Jan. 8

Wyoming ranch first ecosanctuary for wild horses in the U.S.
The Deerwood Ranch near Centennial is the first ecosanctuary for wild horses established by the Bureau of Land Management, which pays the standard daily rate of $1.30 to $1.40 a head to keep 250 geldings on the Wyoming ranch.; Jan. 8

Foresters have 180,000 piles of trees to burn in Colorado's forests
Work to reduce fuels in Colorado's forests have put a lot of trees on the ground, and now foresters are at work, burning the 180,000 or so piles of trees.
Denver Post; Jan. 8

Colorado Oil and Gas Commission approves water-testing rule
The Colorado Oil and Gas Commission approved a regulation Monday that will require oil and gas companies to test water sources before and after drilling, and later this week will take up a regulation that would restrict drilling within 500 feet of homes.
Denver Post; Jan. 8

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