Part-time Whitefish resident Jim Nabors, aka Gomer Pyle, marries Stan Cadwallader



And now for this week's installment of Montana celebrity news.

Even if you didn't watch the television shows (or the reruns), you'd probably recognize Gomer Pyle as the simple-minded auto mechanic from Mayberry, N.C. Jim Nabors, the actor who played Gomer—first on "The Andy Griffith Show" and then on the spinoff "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C." in the 1960s—has had a home in Whitefish for decades.

Celebrities living in Montana is not a new phenomenon, though Nabors hasn't necessarily been the highest profile of them. He was mentioned in a story by former Indy editor Brad Tyer on But other than that, not much has been made of the amiable actor's presence here.

Nabors, 82, made news today, however, for recently marrying his longtime partner Stan Cadwallader, 64. The couple, who first met in 1975 and also reside in Honolulu, married in Washington, a state that made gay marriage legal last month. According to US Weekly, Nabors has never really been "out" to the media before, though he's never hidden his 38-year relationship.

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