Schweitzer beats Baucus? Racicot beats Schweitzer?!



Public Policy Polling released its latest match-ups for the 2014 election cycle yesterday, once again dragging former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer back into the national spotlight.

Not content with positing on Schweitzer's chances in a 2016 presidential primary, PPP is once again pitting the Red State Democrat against six-term Sen. Max Baucus in the 2014 primary—a habit PPP formed as far back as 2011. And as usual, the pollster has Schweitzer thoroughly trouncing the incumbent, this time by a margin of 54 to 35. A link to the poll popped up on Schweitzer's Facebook wall shortly after its release.

The match-up quickly went national, as any bit of punditry with Schweitzer's name on it is wont to do. But lost in the Schweitzer-Baucus kerfuffle was a more intriguing prediction. While PPP has Schweitzer narrowly beating newly elected U.S. Rep. Steve Daines in a hypothetical 2014 general election face-off, it appears the folksy Dem would have his hands full in a race against former Republican Montana governor Marc Racicot. PPP predicts Racicot squeaking past Schweitzer by a margin of 46 to 45. In fact, in a lineup of Republicans that includes Missoula Rep. Champ Edmunds, 2012 gubernatorial candidate Corey Stapleton and Attorney General Tim Fox, Racicot tops the pile.

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