"The Brain Scoop" gets a wolf



In January, the Indy Blog brought your attention to "The Brain Scoop" video series, wherein curatorial assistant and series host Emily Graslie takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the University of Montana's Zoological Museum.

Since then, 15 more videos have been uploaded to The Brain Scoop's YouTube channel. They are worth watching not only for Graslie's effervescent and pee-your-pants funny hosting chops, but also because the videos are sneakily educational. They're the Flinstone Vitamins of YouTube.

Last month, "The Brain Scoop" produced four videos about the donation of a dead wolf to the museum. The videos cover everything from pick-up to skinning to gutting. Be warned, they are a little graphic, but only in a high school biology kind of way. We recommend checking them out. You might even learn something.

Here's "The Brain Scoops" first wolf video. It's aptly titled "Getting the Wolf."

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