Hangriest Hour: Deep fryer genius at Double Front Cafe



There is regular “comfort food” and then there is food of such sublime unctuousness that a different term is necessary: let’s just call it “fried.” Two offerings at Missoula’s Double Front Cafe fall into this elevated category, and they aren’t chicken.


Offering #1: Kids love macaroni and cheese. Grownups also love mac and cheese but pretend to love it less when their kids love it way too much (or the appropriate amount, depending). At Double Front, though, everyone is free to indulge in cheesy, starchy goodness, because at Double Front they know about the transformative magic of batter and hot oil. The mac and cheese wedges ($6.99) are bite-sized triangles of macaroni and cheese that in an inexplicable feat of culinary genius have been deep fried. Each bite is crispy, cheesy and satisfies in ways you forgot were possible. I recommend double dipping in ranch dressing.

Offering #2: After you’ve savored the wedges, it’s time to raise the bar. In an even more outrageous effort to nourish your inner child, Double Front also offers sweet corn nuggets (also $6.99). Take a thimble-sized globule of creamed corn, batter and fry. The result is a swingers’ party of tastes and textures: crunchy, creamy, savory and sweet. Dip them in ranch to add a layer of flavor. Or, what I really recommend, is dipping them in maple syrup. It’s absurd and delicious.

Bonus: You will find the wedges and nuggets on the Double Front menu with the other appetizers. This means, technically, you should still have room for a main event. Which is a good thing, because Double Front fries chicken too.

Where to find 'em: Double Front Cafe is located at 112 W. Alder Street in Missoula, and features two dining rooms: a street level family friendly space and a bar in the basement.

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