Dude, where's my Indy? On a truck, slowly making its way to a red box near you



For loyal readers of the Indy's printed pages, you may have noticed something during your lunch break: Our red boxes and other distribution spots were either empty or still held last week's issue. Bummer, we know.

But fear not — this week's edition, complete with Olympics coverage and a cool story on the documentary Freeload and the latest column by Dan Brooks and at least one reference to the 1956 Hungarian water polo team, is on its way. Our circulation department reports that transportation issues caused by this morning's record-low temperature has delayed today's delivery. You should expect to see copies this afternoon and evening, with all locations receiving copies by tomorrow.

We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.

In the meantime, feel free to read our content on the Indy's website or through our mobile app.

Update: More truck issues, apparently. All copies are scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

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