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Montana state judge rules Yellowstone bison remain wild
In a ruling issued Monday, Montana state District Judge John McKeon said the state's wildlife agency's capture, confinement and relocation of bison that roam outside of Yellowstone National Park do not change the bison's wild status.
Billings Gazette (AP); April 9

Annual report says Wyoming nearly eliminated Gros Ventre wolf pack
Wyoming Fish and Game released its annual report on wolves for 2013 last week that said state agents removed 11 of the 13 wolves of one of the four wolf packs that roam Grand Teton National Park because of livestock depredation, but the state's plan to reduce wolf numbers outside of Yellowstone and the Wind River Indian Reservation by 5 percent failed, as wolf numbers increased in those areas by about that amount.
Jackson Hole News & Guide; April 9

BLM backs off plan to ship some cattle rounded up in Nevada to sale in Utah
Gov. Gary Herbert and the state's Attorney General Sean Reyes resisted the Bureau of Land Management's plan to sell some of the 900 head of cattle the agency is rounding up from grazing allotments in Nevada's Clark County in Utah, and on Tuesday, the BLM agreed, for now, to sell the cattle that belong to rancher Cliven Bundy in Nevada.
Salt Lake Tribune; April 9

County in Utah to round up feral, astray horses on Thursday
Concerns about a lack of forage on drought-ravaged lands in Utah's Iron County were cited by the county's commissioners for their decision to round up feral and astray horses on Thursday, although roundup efforts will be on private lands to avoid running afoul of federal and state laws on wild horses.
Salt Lake Tribune; April 9

Report says Alberta will retain its run as leader in Canada's economy
Alberta's reign as having the best economy among Canada's provinces and territories will continue, according to the report issued by TD Economics today, and the province's oil production is cited in the report as the driving force.
Calgary Herald; April 9

FRA says oil trains should have two-men crews
The Federal Railway Administration is proposing new regulations for oil trains, including one that would require such trains have two crew members.
Idaho Statesman (AP); April 9

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