This just in: Montana's pretty hippie-ish


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You can't quantify hippieness—or hippie-ishness or whatever, man. Or so we thought. Estately—a blog that bills itself as "An addictive, easy way to shop for homes"—has done just that. They've set the criteria, crunched the numbers and ranked all 50 states from most hippie to least. Montana came in sixth. Take that, New Mexico (seventh).

  • Courtesy of Estately

The list is all pretty predictable. Vermont placed first. Mississippi came in dead last. The most interesting thing about the list is the criteria Estately used when determining statewide levels of hippieness. The site considered four factors:

1. Number of communes and intentional communities per capita in each state (source: Fellowship for Intentional Community)
2. Number of food co-ops per capita in each state (source: Coop Directory)
3. Number of local Etsy stores per capita selling hemp, patchouli, and tie-dye products (source: Etsy)
4. Percentage of Facebook users who express interest in the following: Grateful Dead, Phish, cannabis, tie-dye, peace, LSD, Bob Dylan, and hippies (source: Facebook)

So that's what a hippie is: someone who "likes" LSD on Facebook and buys patchouli online. Maybe our top-ten ranking isn't such a point of pride, after all.


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