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BLM mulls ban on 'world's largest rope swing' in Utah
A land exchange between Utah and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management completed on May 8 put the Corona Arch in that state under federal authority, and the BLM is contemplating banning the practice of swinging off the 100-foot-high arch with a rope, which has killed one person and seriously injured another.
Salt Lake Tribune; June 11

EPA chief promotes climate-change action at Western governors' meeting
On Tuesday, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy delivered the keynote speech at the Western Governors' Association's annual meeting in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, where she said the latest move to curb carbon emissions was one way to help the region, which has recently been subjected to destructive wildfires and floods.
Casper Star-Tribune (AP); June 11

Western governors share their views on EPA's latest carbon emissions rule
The 10 governors at the Western Governors' Association's annual meeting in Colorado met with Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy on Tuesday, and the governors of Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Arizona and three other states shared their opinions about the EPA's latest proposal to limit carbon emissions.; June 11

B.C. premier recuses herself from refinery decisions
After her ex-husband, Mark Marissen, was hired by Pacific Future Energy Corporation, which is proposing to build the "world's greenest refinery" on British Columbia's north coast, Premier Christy Clark announced that she would recuse herself from any decisions regarding refineries.
Vancouver Sun; June 10

Colorado governor's compromise bill on oil, gas regulation angers all
There are nearly a dozen initiatives proposed for November's ballot in Colorado to give authority to local governments to regulate oil and gas operations, and Gov. John Hickenlooper is working on compromise legislation to address the issues involved in those initiatives with plans to call a special session if consensus can be reached on such a bill, but the current form of the bill isn't pleasing to either the energy industry, local communities or environmental groups.
Denver Post; June 11

Eggs of endangered sage grouse hatch at Alberta zoo
Over the past few decades the number of sage grouse in Alberta has declined 98 percent, with just 183 of the birds now found in the Canadian province, and the federal government earlier this year issued an emergency order to stop the species from extinction, which led to the gathering of eggs from leks in the province and moving them to the Calgary Zoo, where 11 of the greater sage grouse chicks are doing well.
Calgary Herald (Canadian Press); June 11

U.S. State Dept. updates Keystone XL analysis with new oil-by-rail data
The U.S. State Department's original Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the Keystone XL pipeline project released earlier this year estimated that, should the pipeline not be built and the oil it would carry be moved by rail, there could be an estimated 700 injuries and 92 deaths over a decade related to oil trains, but last Friday, the U.S. agency updated that projection to 2,947 injuries and 434 fatalities.
Lincoln Journal Star; June 11

B.C. SPCA presses for charges against dairy workers
Eight workers at the Chilliwack Cattle Sales that were videoed kicking and beating dairy cows with chains and whips could face charges of animal cruelty, and owners of the British Columbia dairy said that they have taken steps to ensure such treatment does not occur again.
Vancouver Sun; June 11

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