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The question of universal health care is not about money, ideology, politics, patriotism, religion, etc. It’s about life and death. Every half hour someone dies because of a lack of medical treatment. This is not only a cruel, callous and avoidable tragedy on a national scale, it is a shameless display for all the world to see of savage capitalism.

The rich have a death grip on the American public. They only believe in wealth care. The majority of politicians are no help because they are allies of the rich. They give trillions of dollars to the bankers and the war profiteers while our people are dying and getting sicker by the day.

Recently, I nearly lost my wife to pneumonia. She is alive today because of the excellent and compassionate care she received at a local hospital for nine days. She had no insurance, no Medicaid or Medicare. We had to rely on charity to save her life. It was a marvelous recovery, but I couldn’t help but believe her ordeal could have been avoided if she had continuity of care under a universal health care system like every other civilized country in the world. If we had lived in a big city where hospitals turn people away when they can’t pay, she probably would have been a victim like so many others of a primitive for-profit health care system.

Health care should be a public obligation to help the sick, not to make a fortune from the unfortunate. The only humane solution to this crisis is to set up a program of comprehensive, socialized medicine paid for by taxation. This would bring us out of the dark ages and possibly into the modern world. We should have done it 74 years ago when the Social Security Act was passed in 1935. It is our right and, like Social Security, should be a public service for every human being in this country.

Michael Allan Andrus

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