Yard sale injustice


I could not believe what you wrote in "Fresh Facts" concerning yard sales (see "Words to the wise," Aug. 20, 2009). I have been to thousands of yard sales since the 1950s and have never seen dirty baby clothes. What an insult to mothers! The baby clothes I have seen are hardly worn and newly washed. I feel that you should publicly apologize to all mothers. And I don't think I have ever seen a broken dining room table! Yes, sometimes there are four people having yard sales on the same street, and possibly piles of polyester clothing and cardboard boxes of free stuff, but hardly ever held over until the next Saturday. Not being a skier, I don't know about gear scattered across Snowbowl, but as far as dirty baby clothes, never have I seen any. Your description of yard sales was completely uncalled for.

Doris L. Dey


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