Risky business


I am writing to support Sen. Jon Tester’s efforts to work with Montanans to find creative forest management solutions with his Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. Clearly, “business as usual” forest management is not working as evidenced by important Montana wild lands left without permanent wilderness protection; Montana timber industry jobs and infrastructure being lost or put at risk; forest professionals unable to move ahead with restoration and management projects that make good sense and are badly needed for Montana’s forest health; and a legacy of mistrust between various interests with a stake in how Montana public lands are managed.

Thanks goes to the diverse group of collaborative partners who stepped up and did the hard work of building relationships with those who have different views. These groups have worked hard to find the common ground needed to create workable solutions to Montana’s forest management questions.

Thanks to Tester for listening to Montanans and moving forward with the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act legislation.

Mark Vosburgh Missoula

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