Champions of curling


I read with interest the article concerning the sport of curling and the new club in Whitefish (see "The mysterious white art," Oct. 15, 2009). Growing up in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin, where we had a club, I was dismayed upon moving out here to find there was no such animal. My father was the president of the local club and I myself was the "skip" of a junior team while in high school. I have many fine memories of various "bonspiels" back home and truly enjoyed traveling to other clubs in the state to compete. As a child, the sight of tartan clad bagpipers marching up and down the rinks made a huge impression on me.

It's a truly unique sport and if your only concept of it is the movie Men with Brooms, I strongly suggest checking it out. Hopefully the day will come when you can talk about the sport of curling with people and they won't look at you blankly and go, "Huh?" It's a sport that can be played for a lifetime, so if you're at all curious about it I encourage you to check it out. To John Hoepfer and others starting a club here in the state, I say all the best of luck and here's hoping it will take off.

Dave Hall


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